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"Alex was a brilliant doula, her support was invaluable. She is a very positive person. She listened to what I had to say and understood how I was feeling. She helped me make my decisions and anything she didn't know she would find out for me. She was always keen to find out how I was feeling and progressing throughout. She was always available to me (call, text, email) and responded promptly. Very pleasant, nice and professional. Reassuring to know there was someone else to turn to for reassurance."
Gemma and Douglas

"We had a traumatic birth in 2013 and Alex helped us to talk through our daughter's birth and to process and better understand what had happened. She provided a safe space for my husband and I to talk about how the birth had affected us. Alex also provided very useful reading.
Alex kept myself and my husband calm in theatres and my husband found her particularly helpful.
Alex is a kind, warm, very personable lady who is confident and professional. I was particularly happy and grateful when we changed from VBAC to planned c-section. We felt 100% supported by Alex throughout. We always felt supported, never felt pressured or judged. She was wonderful."

"I wanted an alternative to a maternity nurse as I liked the idea of being looked after so I can provide better support for my baby. Alex was very encouraging and made sure I was getting rest. She made sure I was bathed, rested and I felt rejuvenated by the time Alex left and I felt like a new woman. It was brilliant. Alex always made sure everything was tidy and immaculate. Her cooking and cleaning was brilliant and i couldn't have asked for more. Alex was wonderful. She's a fantastic cook and just gets on with it. Always coming up with great suggestions on how to help me and I couldn't have asked for more."

"Our time as parents in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit was made all that much easier by Alex being a part of it. She spent so much time talking to me and my husband, helping us to explore our fears and concerns and then to rationalise them and help reassure us. She was such an incredible emotional support to me and clearly cared about our well being as NICU parents as well as the well being of our daughter. She clearly explained so much of the confusing and often frightening world of the neonatal intensive care unit and helped us transition from being mere observers as to everything happening there, to helping us feel empowered as parents who had an important and vital role to play within that environment. She helped us find the confidence to voice concerns and worries, and seemed to instinctively understand those things that were troubling us. The job of parenting on a Neonatal Unit is a tough one at times, but made so much easier and bearable by having someone like Alex on your side with you."
Sarah and James

"Alex made me feel confident in my birthing choices and because Alex was present, I felt a sense of calm once the birth was over. Alex and her support were priceless! I found her knowledge as a NICU nurse helped when things weren't going well with feeding. Her personality is caring, calm and she is non-judgemental. She respected my wishes and understood as best she could what I was feeling and why. Alex support before, during and after was perfect. We also have a unique set of birth photos which we feel very privileged to be able to have in our collection. Thank you very much!"
Sonia and Darren

​Alexandra Risebury - 07814 512166

"Alex is a very approachable and professional person, always happy to help and give advice. After months of very little sleep I was exhausted, emotional and found it difficult to make simple decisions. After 3 nights of Alex helping us, I was back on track with a clear head. She is a brilliant listener and you never feel as though you are being judged. She is someone who will drop everything to help you because she really cares."

"We employed Alex as our doula because we had a traumatic first birth and wanted to take all steps possible to make sure the birth of our second baby was a better experience.Ultimately the birth we got was not the quick and uncomplicated birth we were hoping for but the experience definitely was better this time around and a large part of that was due to Alex.
We had plenty of support leading up to the birth and found Alex very easy to talk to, and she asked plenty of relevant questions and brought up points that we hadn't even considered. She understood where we were coming from in terms of wanting as natural an experience as possible and our reasons behind it. The labour was one of two halves - the nice hypnobirthing relaxed half and the 'other half' where things got a lot more serious. It was great to have her there during the first half (she was particularly good at nudging the midwives in the direction that we wanted to go, as they were not completely sympathetic to our aims) but it was during the second half that she became completely essential.
Alex teamed up really well with my husband (something I hadn't thought of previously but you don't want someone who takes over or doesn't step up when needed) and they were my cheer team.  They worked nearly as hard as I did in getting me through 2 hours of pushing. There were a couple of occasions where I was just forming a thought or question in my head where Alex beat me to it and anticipated my needs almost as if she had read my mind. I don't remember a lot of specifics but I do remember thinking that it was almost spooky how she knew exactly what I wanted and needed.​

I am so so glad that we met Alex and that she was able to be there for our whole experience and I would recommend her without hesitation..."

Natalie and Steve