​Alexandra Risebury - 07814 512166

Bump to Baby and Beyond Doula and Baby Massage

Despite my medical background I need to emphasise that I am not working as a health care professional but as your doula..

  • - I will meet you 2-3 times antenatally (and ideally your partner at least once) and we will discuss your birth wishes, hopes, fears, experiences, expectations, feelings and more.

  • - As your birth doula I will be on call from 38 weeks until you give birth. I will be available 24/7 by text/phone/email whichever suits you best.

  • - Once you have given birth I will not leave you until you and your baby are settled and the first feed(s) have been successful.

  • - I will visit you once within the first week after birth and will remain available via telephone/text support until day 7 after birth.

  • - For further postnatal support please see my postnatal link